What will this blog contain?

This blog will inform readers about, correct movement, pain, fitness, exercises, and general wellness information.  

I was a former strength coach, and a personal trainer, I was certified by USA Weightlifting, RKC kettlebell instructor, NSCA Certified personal trainer, and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist.  I use my knowledge and experience in the strength and fitness background into my current chiropractic practice.  I do not treat like the majority of chiropractors, I would consider my treatment to be more like a physical therapist, rehab specialist.  I am not a physical therapist, so I can not call my treatment physical therapy.  Since I am a chiropractor with out a physical therapy degree I must be called physiotherapy or rehabilitation.  

If you become a patient of mine you will see the difference in my treatment compared to most chiropractors and physical therapist.  If you are looking to decrease injury, reduce pain, strengthen your weak links, come make an appointment.  You will be surprised how proper movement can solve most of your aches and pains.