NO MORE back pain!

I think you will agree with me when I say:

Chronic back pain is draining, and depressing.  Life is much different living with chronic back pain.

But what if you didn't have to live that way?

What would you do to not have pain, how much would you pay, how far will you travel?  Well, you can be pain free with out surgery, With out tons of gadgets, or hours of stretching and foam rolling.  You can get back to your hobbies, and not have to worry about back pain.  Just by adding THREE simple principles.  

Here's the deal.

80% of back pain is a  mechanical problem, improve the mechanics and the pain goes away.  BUT! you're gonna say well I have a herniated disc, or sciatica... Structural damage does not create pain.  Many people live pain free with herniated discs, torn ligaments, arthritis... Improve your spine, and hip mechanics is the first step.  The second step would be fix your posture, it doesn't have to be perfect 24/7.  Lastly adding strength will build resiliency.  

You can be pain free,

Dr. Daniel Cordero D.C.

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