"I feel so stiff getting out of bed"... I'll tell you why.

I often get asked, or told during a history, when I wake up in the morning and try to get out of bed my back is so stiff and achey.  When I start to move around and warm up my body feels fine.

This is a very common situation.  Why does this happen?  What causes the stiffness? And, why does it go away after some movement? 

Well lets consider the resistance that we fight against every day of our lives... GRAVITY!  When we lay down to sleep at night, our body has less spinal compression.  The intervertebral disc height is allowed to increase, water is pulled back into the disc. So when we go to get up in the morning the ligaments around the joints are slightly over stretched, which causes the stiffness and tightness.  Once you allow gravity to add some compression, the disc begins to return to the normal height, the ligaments are not over stretch, and the stiffness has improved.  

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