Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to my session?

o  Gym attire is recommended.  Most treatments will require you to be able to move comfortably and without restriction. Also, keep in mind, I may need access to the area I am treating.

What should I expect during a typical treatment session?

o  Every session varies depending on the individual and their needs.  Expect the possibility of light movement and exercises as well as massage, adjustments and stretching.

What does an initial or first time visit consist of?

o  The first session typically lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.  During this time you will complete intake paperwork as well as going over your medical history, a physical assessment, report of findings, an overall treatment plan, followed by a brief treatment.  

What does a follow up visit consist of?

o  Follow up visits are mostly treatment based.  This is where we will start to implement your treatment plan and get you on the road to recovery.

What type of treatments do you offer?

o  Chiropractic Adjustment – I use my hands to physically create movement in a joint that has a decreased range of motion.  

o  Active Fascial Release – I use various ranges of pressure on soft-tissue (muscle, ligaments, fascia, tendons, etc.) in order to break up scar tissue, trigger points, pinched nerves, “knots”, spasms, general tightness and discomfort.

o  Graston – This is an effective way to release stubborn areas in the body that need a little more attention or depth.  I use a steal tool and an emollient to scrape, dig and pin point release the area of treatment over the skin.  

o  Therapeutic Exercise – This describes anything that has to do with recovery, maintenance or rehabilitation of strength, balance, mobility, stability and conditioning. This includes anything from working with your own bodyweight, using resistance bands, weight training, breathing exercises, retraining basic movement patterns and implementing strategies to increase resilience and decrease the possibility of future injuries.

o  Strength, Conditioning and Fitness Coaching – This includes everything from general fitness to sports specific training. For example: Crossfit, Spartan Race, Marathons, Team and Individual Sports, Performance Training.

o  Corporate / Private Seminars – I provide lectures and workshops to educate employees of proper posture, lifting techniques and overall health hacks that can help heal and prevent work and lifestyle related injuries.  

o  Kettlebell Group Classes – Learn how to properly, efficiently and safely use a kettlebell in both basic and advanced exercises to meet your fitness goals.

Do you accept insurance?

o  Yes! However, depending on the cost, type of treatment, and your insurance plan, you may be responsible for covering the remaining balance in addition to your co-pay.  For example; if the treatment costs $70, your co-pay is $25 and your insurance only covers $30, you would be responsible for the remaining $15 balance, bringing YOUR total payment for treatment at $40.

How long should I plan to stay during my follow up visits?

o  Follow up visits vary, depending on the individual’s treatment plan.  The following are general expamples of visit durations: 

  • 15 min Maintenance and Care – This includes an adjustment and/or brief soft tissue work.

  • 30 min – This is a slightly more targeted session including an adjustment, soft tissue work and therapeutic exercise.

  • 45 min – This extended session includes a more in depth treatment of targeted areas and injuries.

  • 50 min Training Session – General strength, conditioning, balance, stability, mobility, group classes and partner/small group training sessions.

For ANY and all additional questions and information please call or text me at 619-253-7182.  I look forward to chatting with you.